Current release 0.7.3 provides the following features:

  • Support for both GlassFishESB and ServiceMix
  • Netbeans plug-in compliant with Netbeans SOA tools
  • Support for Provider and Consumer mode
  • Support for Consumer IDL-first and WSDL-first use cases
  • Ability to use different orb even simultaneously
  • Support for synchronous (i.e. InOut MEP) and asynchronous (i.e. InOnly MEP) communication
  • Different localization mechanisms for provider mode (Name Service, corbaloc, corbaname, IOR)
  • Support inout and out IDL parameters
  • Support advanced IDL complex types as Enum, Union, Any, Interfaces.
  • Support IDL with import and multiple interfaces
  • Support pragma prefix directive
  • Support for i18n